Achieving 90 FPS in BGMI: A Gamer’s Guide

Every gamer wants to have a seamless, lag-free gaming experience in the fast-paced world of mobile gaming. High frame rates (FPS) are essential for gaining an advantage in games like Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), which are played on mobile devices.

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In this post, we’ll go into the world of device optimization to ensure an immersive gaming experience like never before by getting your system to the desired 90 FPS mark in BGMI.

Understanding the Importance of FPS

Let’s take a quick look at why FPS is important in mobile gaming before we get into the optimization strategies. The term “FPS” describes how many frames or images are seen on your screen per second. Your game will be more responsive and fluid the higher the FPS. A greater FPS will significantly benefit you in BGMI, as split-second decisions can make all the difference.

Device Compatibility

Check Your Device’s Capabilities

When it comes to handling high FPS gaming, not all smartphones are made equal. Make sure your device is capable of handling 90 FPS gameplay in BGMI before you start playing with settings. It is more possible that high-end smartphones with powerful processors and advanced GPUs can handle this level of performance.

In-Game Settings

Adjust Graphics Settings

BGMI offers various graphics settings, and to unlock 90 FPS, you need to make some adjustments:

1. Graphics Quality

Set your graphics quality to ‘Smooth’ for the best performance. This reduces the strain on your device’s resources.

2. Frame Rate

Select ‘Extreme’ in the Frame Rate option to unlock 90 FPS. This will provide you with the highest frame rate possible.

Device Optimization

Clear Background Apps

Running background apps can hog your device’s resources. Close unnecessary apps before launching BGMI to ensure it gets the full power of your device.

Enable Game Mode

Many smartphones have a dedicated game mode that optimizes performance while gaming. Enable this mode to prioritize BGMI’s performance.

Cooling Solutions

Keep Your Device Cool

Extended gaming sessions can heat up your device, causing performance throttling. Invest in a cooling pad or fan to maintain optimal performance.

Regular Updates

Keep BGMI Updated

Developers often release updates to optimize performance. Ensure you have the latest version of BGMI installed on your device.

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